Sea–See. Perpsective on Law

ISBN: 978-83-8206-117-8
Rok wydania: 2020
Liczba stron: 84
Format: A4

Sea–See. Perpsective on Law

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The authors of the book were driven by ‘the aim to present what is most important in the process of sharing knowledge and shaping the skills of discovering very diverse, complex and often controversial problems of the contemporary world’ — taken from a review by Professor Zdzisław Brodecki. Short essays about well-known historical events and precedential court judgements, used by the authors as the basis for questions about contemporary interpretation and application of law, especially in the context of hard cases, are a modern method to share knowledge of law. The ‘SEA-SEE PERSPECTIVE ON LAW’ e-book remains faithful to the past, but also teaches young lawyers to wisely follow new paths.


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