Publishing Board

Publishing Board

The Publishing Board functions on the basis of the Regulations of the University of Gdańsk Press. It is made up of representatives of individual Faculties (holding the title of full professor or doctor habilitowany) and the Director of the Press. The responsibilities and principles underlying the appointment of the Editorial Board are governed by § 3 of the Regulations of the University of Gdańsk Press, in accordance with which:

1. The responsibilities of the editorial Board include:

o assessment and approval of the Press’s annual publishing plans;

o assessment and approval of the Director’s reports on Press activities;

o shaping publishing policy and setting the strategic goals of the Press.

2. The Publishing Board is appointed by the Rector for the period of office of the University authorities. The Board includes a representative of each Faculty nominated by the Dean of that Faculty and with the degree of at least a doctorate.

3. The Publishing Board elects a chairperson from among its members at its opening meeting.

4. The current Publishing Board was nominated on the basis of the Decree no. 121/R/21 of the Rector of the University of Gdańsk dated 27 August 2021.

The Publishing Board of the University of Gdańsk Press for 2020–2024:

dr hab. Stanisław Ołdziej, prof. UG Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of University of Gdańsk and Medical University of Gdańsk, – Chairman

dr hab. Joanna Bednarz, prof. UG – Faculty of Economics,

prof. dr hab. Piotr BojarskiFaculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics,

prof. dr hab. Roman Cieśliński Faculty of Oceanography and Geography,

dr hab. Wojciech Giłka, prof. UGFaculty of Biology,

dr hab. Krzysztof Grajewski, prof. UGFaculty of Law and Administration,

dr hab. Zenon Lica, prof. UGFaculty of Languages,

dr hab. Piotr Mucha, prof. UG – Faculty of Chemistry,

dr hab. Jarosław Nocoń, prof. UGFaculty of Social Sciences,

prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Stegner – Faculty of History,

dr hab. Piotr Wróbel prof. UGFaculty of Management,