The University of Gdańsk Press was founded in 1970 along with the University of Gdańsk as an integral part of the University’s structure. It was created by fusing the two publishing sections of the Economics College in Sopot and the Teacher Training College in Gdańsk.

It is the oldest and currently the largest publisher in northern Poland, and has been in operation for more than fifty years. It publishes scholarly and scientific monographs, books of popular scholarship, post-doctoral dissertations, academic handbooks, scholarly journals, and works of literature. Every year the community of authors publishing with the Press is joined by new writers not just from the University of Gdańsk, but also from other academic institutions, including those outside Poland. On average, we publish 200 new titles annually.

It is important to us to support authors in developing their academic careers, but, at the same time, one of our aims is to popularize scholarly and scientific research and to make it widely available both to enthusiasts and to non-specialists. We also prioritize publishing books con-nected with our region of Poland. Thus, we also make every effort to ensure that we include works of popular scholarship in our list of titles. Our books address various fields of knowledge, although the majority of books are in the humanities and social sciences. A feature of our books is their high quality in terms of content and editing. Our team includes professionals in editing and proofreading scholarly and scientific texts. The experienced graphic artists and computer lay-out professionals who work with us ensure a high standard of aesthetic quality in our books. Scrupulous care and professionalism mean that many of our publications have been nominated for and won prestigious prizes.

The motto of the University of Gdańsk Press is the Latin tag: Amor librorum nos unit (The love of books unites us).

fot. S. Ciszek