Financial Law

Year of publication: 2016
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Format: 130 x 210 mm
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Financial Law

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We place in the hands of readers a publication. Part I of which aims at presenting the financial policy of the European Union and its instruments. Matters of tax policy, customs policy, investment policy and social insurance policy are discussed in it against the background of the broader issue of public finance stability.

Part II of the book deals with the EU banking sector and monetary system – the European System of Central Banks and European Central Bank, and the European banking, payment services, and capital market regulations in particular.

Some of the matters discussed in the book hove already been dealt with in separate monographs. Considering this fact and due to limitations of space, the themes addressed in this volume had to be carefully selected and treated in a concise manner (albeit with due consideration given each time to the completeness of the discussion). The authors believe that despite such constraints the presented book will answer the pressing questions of all those who take interest in the financial matters of the European Union.


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